What’s for Dinner? Corn and Black Bean Salad

Aug/23 By

Corn and Black Bean Salad is a flavorful snack, lunch or light dinner.  With the perfect balance of sweet and heat, this tasty and colorful salad takes just minutes to prepare.


Day 4: Spice It Up

Jun/16 By

Chapters Bookshop & The Wine Cellar at Chapters offers a variety of foods, drinks and kitchenware to make any get-together extra special.  Check our blog for weekly recipes, new food

Bake your favorite dip in one of our oven-save dishes. We have a variety of colors and sizes available.

Snack attack? Hot Cheddar and Bacon Dip

May/20 By

Need a quick appetizer for a weekend get-together? Maybe the rainy weather’s got you down, and you’re looking for a warm and comforting snack. Try one of our new dip mixes from Gourmet

Visit The Wine Cellar at Chapters for this luscious sauce and perfect chip. And don't forget to grab your free recipe card while you're shopping.

What’s for lunch? A little heat, a touch of sweet…

May/9 By

Need a quick, healthy lunch or dinner idea? Lettuce help you prepare these cool, crisp wraps. (See what we did there.) This week we’re featuring Robert Rothschild Farm Hot Pepper Raspberry

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